Visiting Japan


Japan Visa Information Hotline

For general visa inquiry, please call Japan visa information hotline 1800-930-979 (24 hours/ 7days a week, English only)
This hotline is designed for visa applicants residing in Australia.

*The Hotline will not connect you to the Consulate-General's Visa section.
  If you need to contact Consulate-General in regards to a pending visa application, please contact directly at 08-9480-1800 during 9am-12:30pm 2:00pm-4:00pm

*Please make visa inquiry by phone.

Japanese Visa/Requirements

Visa exemption measures for Australian passport holders have been paused.
Australian passport holders currently need a valid visa to enter Japan.

For details and updates, please see the following Ministry of Foreign Affairs pages:
Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel  
Border measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Current guidelines for Visa Applications:

    A. Work, Business and Study related (CoE, ERFS etc.)
    B. Family related
    C. Tourists Participating in Guided Package Tours 

Visa information



  • Visa Application Form (PDF) pdf
  • Visa Application Form (Sample) (PDF) pdf
  • Letter of Guarantee - English  pdf
  • Invitation Letter/Letter of Reason for Invitation English  pdf
  • Written Pledge Englishpdf
  • Schedule of Stay - English pdf



Customs & Quarantine

  • Bringing Medicine into Japan – Are you taking medicines into Japan?  Please note some medicines are highly restricted (codeine, morphine) or illegal to import into Japan (Pseudoephedrine, Dexamphetamine). other site
  • Customs – Will you be taking goods exceeding duty free allowances? Other items like alcohol, perfume, cigarettes, commercial goods and large amounts of cash? other site
  • Quarantine – Passengers bringing plants and plant products (including fruits, vegetables, and seeds) or animals and animals products (including meat products, milk, eggs) into Japan must have them inspected at the Plant and Animal Quarantine counter and have relevant certification/documentation. other site
  • Food – Will you be taking any food into Japan? Highly processed foods (Tim tams, biscuits, tea, lollies etc…) generally don’t need an inspection and you can go straight through customs but if you are unsure, please check with the relevant Quarantine station. other site
  • Vaccinations – Do you require any vaccinations before you go to Japan? Generally speaking, no vaccinations are required when travelling to Japan, however you may want to be vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis or Measles if recommended by your doctor. other site