• Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) -The Japan Foundation othersite
    The JLPT is conducted both in Japan and outside Japan to evaluate and certify the language proficiency of primarily non-native speakers of Japanese. The new JLPT began in 2010. JLPT in Western Australia is usually held in December with applications usually being open from August. For more information, please contact the Information & Culture Section of the Consulate-General of Japan in Perth and/or visit the website of The Japan Foundation, Sydney.

Study in Japan

  • Study in Japan - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs othersite
    This Web site is produced and operated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is a site that provides comprehensive information regarding studying in Japan.
  • Student Exchange (Scholarships, etc) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs othersite
    The duration of your study in Japan and the manner in which your expenses are paid differ depending on what category you fall under according to the four listed.
  • Information on Study in Japan - Japan Student Services Organization othersite
    As a core and leading organization in the provision of student services, JASSO comprehensively administers scholarship loan programs, support programs for international students, and student support programs.

Japanese Language Education

  • JF Japanese e-Learning Minato - 'Minato' - learn Japanese and interact with fellow students around the world online. othersite
  • Erin's Challenge! - The Japan Foundation othersite
    Produced by the Japan Foundation, this website has a large number of videos with sub-titles and other resources for learning situation-based Japanese. A useful resource for Japanese language learners at various levels and as an introduction to real-life situations in Japan.
  • Language Learning - The Japan Foundation, Sydney othersite
    The Language Section works to support Japanese language education in schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. Working in conjunction with local educational authorities, our activities are aimed at raising the standard of Japanese language education across all education sectors.
  • The Japan Forum - The Japan Forum othersite
    The Japan Forum (TJF) aims at promoting mutual understanding among elementary and secondary school students by supporting foreign language education and education for intercultural understanding.
  • Minna no Kyozai (Resources for Everyone) - The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute othersite
    Minna no Kyozai is a website to help Japanese-language teachers around the world create suitable teaching materials for their students.
  • Sushi Test (Japanese Language Test) - The Japan Foundation othersite
    Free Japanese language on-line test for beginners.