Mandolin Performance by Masataka Hori

On Tuesday November 15, we were delighted to host a performance by esteemed mandolinist Mr Masataka Hori at the Consul-General’s Official Residence, where we were joined by members of the Australia-Japan community as well as patrons of the WA Symphony Orchestra and WA Youth Orchestra.

Mr Hori mesmerised guests with his spectacular performance, showing the full range of his talent on the #mandolin with self-composed pieces and works by Raffaele Calace, Italian mandolin player, composer, and luthier.

Deputy Consul-General Mr Semmyo expressed his gratitude to Mr Hori for the performance, and having welcomed him to the residence four years ago, we were honoured to have the opportunity to host Mr Hori once again during his visit to Perth. We wish him all the best in his career going forward.

【Mr Masataka Hori】
Mandolinist ・Composer ・Producer ・Conductor
The winner of the Raffaele Calace International Mandolin Solo Competition in Italy (2014) and the Tokyo Governor’s Prize (2002)