Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendations 2020

On December 1, the recipients of the 2020 Foreign Minister’s Commendation were announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The commendation was awarded to 172 individuals and 65 groups or organizations worldwide, including the following individual from Western Australia.
The Foreign Minister’s Commendations are awarded to individuals or groups in recognition of exceptional and distinguished services in the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and their respective countries. We offer our congratulations and sincere appreciation of the efforts and service of the recipients.
Mr Stockley Roy Davis
(Founder and current President of the UWA Judo Club)
Mr Davis has practiced Judo since 1973 and during this time has made outstanding contributions to the promotion and popularization of Judo in Australia through a number of key roles in Judo related organizations. Among these roles, Mr Davis has played a vital part in the University of Western Australia Judo Club (UWA Judo Club) as a founder and coach since the club’s establishment in 1988. As the current President of the UWA Judo Club, Mr Davis continues to strengthen ties between Western Australia and Japan through sport exchange programs with other clubs in Japanese universities and schools as well as Judo coaches and practitioners.