English Extract Translation of Japanese Driver’s Licence


This is to be used to drive with a Japanese driving licence in WA and to apply for WA driver’s licence, You will be required by the WA Licensing Centre to submit a translation of your Japanese licence.

Please note that if you wish to drive in other states, you will need to contact the Licensing centre in each state for rules and regulations for driving.


Condition for issue of Translation

  1. Your driver’s licence must be valid.
  2. The application must be made in person (※)

※ If a person cannot make an application in person due to sickness and/or being hospitalized, a proxy (only family members) can apply. In this case, a letter of authority and the proxy’s photo ID are required.

Required documents

  1. Application form ( you will be given at our office)
  2. Valid Japanese driver’s licence
  3. Your current passport

Processing time
It takes 1 week to process.

It costs A$25.00 per document.

Note: This page provides information on the Translation of Japanese documents for residents of Western Australia.