Message from Mr. Toru Suzuki, Consul-General of Japan in Perth

Mr. Toru Suzuki, Consul-General of Japan in Perth
Japan and Australia have come to enjoy a mutually beneficial economic relationship spanning the long post-war period with shared core values including a commitment to freedom, democracy, and the rules-based international order. Recent years have also seen a great increase in cooperation across fields such as security, science and technology, and education.

Japan and Western Australia also enjoy a stable and healthy relationship, underpinned by trade in agricultural and mineral resource products such as udon noodle wheat, iron-ore and liquefied natural gas. Recently, we have been exploring new ways to cooperate in fields of renewable energy such as Hydrogen. The relationship is not limited to economic spheres, but is also very active on various levels of people to people exchange. Western Australians have a high level of interest in Japan, and the high number of people studying Japanese here is characteristic of this. Student exchange, on which sister city exchange is built, is also more popular than ever, and we are also seeing an increase in student numbers coming here for short term study. Exchange such as this which will influence our future generations, plays a crucial role in deepening mutual understanding between Japan and Western Australia.
Direct flights between Perth and Narita, Tokyo, by All Nippon Airways (ANA) commenced in September 2019. The direct flights have been currently suspended due to the coronavirus, but I am confident that the recommencement of the direct flights will create more opportunities than ever before for the people of Japan and Western Australia to visit each other’s countries, furthering economic activities and people-to-people exchange as well as deepening mutual understanding.
The most important mission for us here at the Consulate-General of Japan, is to provide the necessary support and information to enable Japanese residents and tourists to have a comfortable and safe time here in Perth. We will continue to do our best to provide the necessary services while listening to your valued opinions.

In addition, we understand that effective communication is vital to gaining your cooperation and understanding of our activities at the Consulate-General, and we will continue to proactively share information with you via tools such as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback.