Message from Mr NAITO Yasushi, Consul-General of Japan in Perth

I assumed the duties of the Consul-General of Japan in Perth on October 8th, 2022. Perth is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and, I have been impressed by the beauty of your city and the warmth of your people.
As we face a global energy crisis following the invasion of Ukraine, recognition of Western Australia as a reliable source of energy and resource to Japan is deepening more than ever, with WA LNG making up more than 20 percent of Japan’s LNG imports (44 percent of Western Australian LNG goes to Japan). This is in addition to the import of iron ore since the 1960s that has contributed to post war development of the Japanese economy and even today 60 percent of iron ore imports to Japan are sourced from Western Australia.
As our countries work together toward energy transition, cooperation is also accelerating in areas such as hydrogen, ammonia and CCS, as well as initiatives on critical mineral resources. Japan also relies on Western Australian wheat for more than 10 percent of our imports of wheat, ideal quality for Japanese Udon noodles.  
Australia plays a key role in our shared policy vision of Free and Open Indo-Pacific and the QUAD strategic dialogue. Our countries are both committed to building an international society based on democratic value and the rule of law.
Thus, Western Australia’s special importance of geopolitical and economical context is heightening prominently in the Special Strategic Partnership between Japan and Australia
But such partnership is not possible without solid mutual trust and respect between people of Japan and Australia that have been built over the years, overcoming challenges during difficult times. As a matter of fact, Western Australia currently has active engagement with 11 Sister City/State Relationships & Friendship Agreements, and Japanese language is the second most studied foreign language in WA schools after Indonesian.
I look forward to working with everyone who has helped to foster our friendly relationship through cultural and educational exchange activities, and I hope to advance further various collaborations between Western Australia and Japan. It was my profound honour to have received the Prime Minister of Japan to Perth soon after my arrival, and I felt deeply humbled that culmination of the visit owes to enduring efforts of the peoples of Japan and Australia.
Lastly, I would like to highlight the importance we hold to the safety of Japanese citizens in Western Australia, and the Consulate is actively working to provide the necessary services to support them. If you have any concerns, issues or information relating safety of Japanese citizens, please let us know anytime.
I look forward to working with you all.
Consul-General of Japan in Perth
Mr NAITO Yasushi