Birth Certificate (Translation)


This is used to help establish a person’s identity, including the information on when and where the person was born.
It’s commonly required to be submitted to the Australian Immigration office for visa applications and the Registry office for marriage.

Conditions for issue of Birth Certificate

  1. Being a Japanese citizen, or having had Japanese citizenship at time of birth
  2. A Foreigner whose birth was registered with the Japanese Government in Japan
  3. The application must be made in person(※)

※ If a person cannot make an application in person due to sickness and/or being hospitalized, a proxy (only family members) can apply. In this case, a letter of authority and the proxy’s photo ID are required.


Required documents

  1. Application form ( you will be given at our office)
  2. Your current passport
  3. Family register (戸籍-koseki) in the case of Japanese citizens or Certificate of Acceptance of Birth Notification (出生届受理証明書-syusseitodokejurishomeisho) in the case of foreigners
  4. If your parents are non-Japanese, you are required to provide us with their passports or birth certificates for spelling confirmation.

Please note that we do not issue birth certificates, but only translate the documents, which you must obtain from your city hall in Japan beforehand, into English.

Processing time
It takes 1 week to process.

It costs A$16.00 per document.

Note: This page provides information on the Translation of Japanese documents for residents of Western Australia.