Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) hosts Japan Tourism Promotion Events



February 2018

Consulate-General of Japan in Perth


On February 3rd and 4th, the Japanese National Tourism Organization (JNTO) organized a promotional booth for the World Travel Expo at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Many attendees visited the JNTO booth, taking almost all of the pamphlets and demonstrating a strong interest in Japan.
The following day, JNTO, Perth Airport and Singapore Airlines organized a seminar for travel agents with approximately 90 attendees. During Consul-General Tatsuo Hirayama’s speech he stated, Western Australia has shown a strong interest in Japan and is a prominent figure in the market. The Western Australian Government also invests great efforts into attracting tourists from Japan and as a result, we can expect synergy between our countries.
The Deputy Director of JNTO’s Sydney Office, Takuya Sakamoto, went on to introduce Japanese tourist attractions, accommodation and domestic airline routes. Singapore Airlines also made a presentation regarding their routes to Japan to deepen the participants’ understanding and interest in the country.




JNTO Booth

(World Travel Expo)

Perth Airport Aviation Business Development General Manager, James Gorton

Consul-General Tatsuo Hirayama
Deputy Director of JNTO’s Sydney Office, Takuya Sakamoto
Deputy Director Takuya Sakamoto’s presentation
Singapore Airlines presentation