Japanese runners from Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward in Bunbury Marathon



April 2017

Consulate-General of Japan in Perth



The Bunbury Marathon was held on Sunday April 9, featuring 5 runners from Bunbury’s sister City, Setagaya Ward (Tokyo). 2 runners ran in the marathon, and 3 in the half marathon, with all making it to the finish line. The runners participated in the marathon to mark the 25th anniversary of the Bunbury-Setagaya Sister City Relationship, and Bunbury will also send runners to run in Setagaya’s ‘246 Half Marathon’ as part of the marathon and primary school exchange between the two cities.

At the presentation ceremony, Ms Takita spoke of this marathon exchange and expressed their gratitude on behalf of the runners. The runners took a commemorative photo with Mayor Gary Brennan, Councillor Betty McCleary, and Consul-General Tatsuo Hirayama.