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This month we are pleased to share a guest post from Broome-based visual artist, Ms. Claire Beausein who recently completed a residency in Japan.





Broome, in Western Australiafs north has a rich and unique history linking it with Japan. At the start of last century hundreds of Japanese people came to the small town, mainly to work in the pearling industry or run small businesses. For over a century washi (Japanese mulberry paper) has been highly prized and Broome merchants imported it from Japan. Products made with washi such as hand fans, shoji screens and washi paper lanterns used for lighting and ceremony, were popular and are still floated into Roebuck Bay every year for the Obon festival.


Japanese culture continues to be important in Broome today and as a contemporary artist based here, interested in cultural influences and working primarily in paper I wanted to find out more about washi. I applied for, and won a residency at the highly esteemed Awagami Factory, situated in the small village of Awa Yamakawa on Shikoku Island, Japan. The Department of Culture and the Arts WA funded the project, which saw me learn the art of washi as well as research spirituality linked with nature in Japanese culture.


Awagami has eight generations of expertise in washi and I was very fortunate to have these masters of the art teach me the tradition; I also learnt other Japanese paper arts, such as izome (indigo dyeing), calligraphy and itajime (folded paper dyeing).  Shikoku Island was the ideal location for my research on spirituality and nature, having an ancient pilgrimage route of eighty-eight temples as well as numerous Shinto shrines and beautiful forested mountains.





With these new skills and experiences under my belt Ifm eager to create a new body of work focusing on spirituality and nature, which will reflect on Broomefs historic cultural ties with Japan. My work will promote washi as a contemporary medium while honouring its tradition.  A solo exhibition of this work will be presented at Linton and Kay Galleries next year.




Learn more about Claire and her work here.








Japanese Film Festival




Itfs that time again! Presented and run by The Japan Foundation, Sydney, the 2015 Japanese Film Festival offers a great line-up of films to indulge in this year with 20 titles showing in Perth. The Festival is screening at Hoyts Carousel, Cannington and Hoyts Millennium, Fremantle from October 28 – November 1. Browse the film line-up here, and be sure to get your tickets, on sale from today!


A mini program of three free films is showing in Bunbury for the first time at the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre from October 20-22. Check the film line-up here.




Perth Kodomo Festival


The Shichi Go San Festival Committe have partnered with the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre and the Australia Japan Society of Western Australia to bring you the 2015 Perth Kodomo Festival on October 10. The festival is also supported by the Japanese School in Perth, the Japanese Weekend School in Perth and Japanese playgroups. All children along with their families are invited. There will be food stalls, a children's corner with games, entertainment, traditional yukata and kimonos for children to wear. The Hyogo Cultural Centre will be providing the 'Japanese culture room' for costume photos for the children. Children will have to register to wear the traditional clothing and a fee will apply. Please click here for more information.




Melville Matsuri


The Act-Belong-Commit Melville-Japan Friendship Festival 2015 will be held on October 24 from 3pm-9pm! This is a unique all ages event, run by community members of Japanese and non-Japanese backgrounds. Anyone with an interest in Japanese culture will enjoy this fun and entertaining Festival.


The event is proudly sponsored by Healthway and the City of Melville, and is supported by Kulungah-Myah Family Centre; Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre; Ookini Playgroup; Nihongo Youchien Playgroup; Kardinya Residentsf Association, Widdesons Hire; Kulungah-Myah Toy Library; Autism WA and the Willagee Community Centre.











This monthfs phrase, irusu, is a word that translates to epretend to be out.f We all know youfve pretended to be out when someone knocks at your door!








Listen to Konnichiwa, a Japanese and English radio program on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm on 107.3 FM.




Read the latest issue of niponica, a popular magazine about Japanese culture, niponica No. 15 – Japan, Land of Water.











WA (kaiWA) is a casual get-together of Japanese and Australians held every second Thursday. Hosted and organised by the JET Programme Alumni Association of WA (JETAA WA), kaiWA is a great chance to practice your Japanese, make Japanese friends and learn more about teaching English in Japan on the JET Programme.


kaiWA is held at 43 Below on the corner of Hay Street and Barrack Street in Perth. It starts at 5:30pm and runs until about 8:30-9pm, so donft worry if you canft be there at the starting time.


For more information on the JET Programme Alumni Association of WA, please check their website above and for more information on the JET Programme please check the following site.






Chatterbox is another casual get-together of Australians and Japanese, held on Saturday afternoons at the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre from 2-4pm. For more details please call the Centre on 9385 9002 or visit their website.




AJSWA Tomodachi Lunch


On the first Thursday of every month, the Australia-Japan Society of WA holds a Tomodachi Lunch. The lunch is held at 12:00pm at Jun Restaurant, 568 Hay Street, Perth. See here for more details.




Bonsai Society of WA and Bonsai Workshop Inc.


Meetings of the Bonsai Society of WA are held on the last Monday of each month and include demonstrations, lectures, films, advice and a display of membersf tree. The Bonsai Society also holds regular workshops and other events. For more information please click the above link.


Meetings of the Bonsai Workshop Inc. are held on the last Saturday of each month. Members can bring their trees to work on, receive advice and watch others at work. For more information please click on the above link.




Perth Kimono Club


The Perth Kimono Club aims to bring together people living in or visiting Perth who wish to share the joy and beauty of wearing a Japanese kimono. You may have been wearing kimono all your life or you may have never worn one before, either way you are still welcome to join. Click here to find out more about the club and upcoming events.








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