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This month we are pleased to share a guest report from Ms Tonia Kilian, City Relationships Officer at the City of Busselton and Executive Officer of the Busselton and Sugito Sister Cities Association.   


Sugito Athletes take on Sunsmart Ironman Busselton 70.3


On Saturday 2 May a team of athletes from Sugito took part in the Sunsmart Ironman 70.3 event held in Busselton. Busselton, a sea side town in the South West of Western Australia, is Sugitofs Sister City. The athletefs visit to Busselton and participation in the Ironman event was part of the cultural exchange programme which has existed between the two Cities for nearly 20 years.


The athletes were accompanied by Sugito Mayor Matsuo Furuya and his wife Fumiko as well as Takeshi Usami from the Sugito Town Office. The Busselton-Sugito 2014 exchange student group dressed in colourful Hapi Coats cheered the visiting athletes on and the City of Busselton Mayor Ian Stubbs also lent his support.


The Sunsmart Ironman event consists of three sporting disciplines. Koichi Takahashi did the ocean swim; Katsumi Watanabe was team cyclist; and Tetsuya Ozawa finished the event with the run. All three athletes completed their disciplines within their anticipated times and were happy with their efforts.



Given Sugito is a land-locked area, Koichi hadnft been able to train in the ocean so the 1.9km open water swim was particularity challenging despite the perfect conditions on the day.  Katsumi completed the 90kms bike ride smiling, having only ever ridden a maximum of 40km prior to the race.  Tetsuya, an experienced marathon runner, finished in excellent time and crossed the line hand-in-hand with Mayor Furuya.


All athletes had an amazing event experience and thoroughly enjoyed their first visit to Busselton.  Now back in Sugito, they are keen to spread the word on this fantastic event. Hideki Sakamoto, Head of Information and Culture, Consulate-General of Japan and Taku Korogi, Sport Science Department, University of WA also joined members of the Busselton Sugito Sister City Association in supporting the visiting group.  Before the event the Sugito triathletes met with the Busselton Triathlon Club who assisted with the registration process and helped the athletes familiarise themselves with the course. While in Busselton the group visited local wineries, enjoyed a visit to the Shearing Shed, and played Golf at the Dunsborough Golf club. Takeshi even enjoyed some time surfing!


 Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q94SNDzpQSs for event highlights.








Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art



© Lyota Yagi Vinyl 2005-8


Together with the Japan Foundation and Gallery Central, we are proud to present a touring exhibition curated by Midori Matsui that looks at Japanese pop culture. Winter Garden is part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season and shows Japanese artists who reinvent everyday life to give new meanings to commonplace things. The exhibition features drawings, paintings and video works by 14 Japanese artists active from 1990-2010 including video by Koki Tanaka (Japanfs 2013 Venice Biennale artist).


May 31 – June 21

Monday – Friday 10:00-4:45, Saturday 12:00-4:00

Gallery Central, 12 Aberdeen St, Perth

Free entry








MEXT Scholarships


Have you ever thought about studying at a Japanese university? Undergraduate and Research Monbukagakusho (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - MEXT) scholarship applications are being accepted until June 19, 2014. Scholarships include return airfares to Japan and a monthly allowance. See here for more details.




International Essay Contest – LAST CHANCE!


The 2014 Goi Peace Foundation UNESCO International Essay Contest for Young People is now open. Endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, this annual essay contest is organised in an effort to harness the energy, imagination and initiative of the world's youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development. It also aims to inspire society to learn from the young minds and to think about how each of us can make a difference in the world. The theme this year is eMy Role as a Citizen of Earth.f Entries close 15 June, 2014. For more details, please click here.




Ukiyo-E – Japanese Prints of the Floating World – LAST CHANCE!


From February 8 – June 28, Professor Ronald Berndt and Dr Catherine Berndtfs ukiyo-e collection will be displayed at UWAfs Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. Ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints emerged in the Edo period and developed into a popular, distinctive art form. They typically depicted everyday life in Kyoto and human subjects such as beautiful women and kabuki actors, later including landscapes. The art form flourished in Japan and went on to inspire European impressionists including Van Gogh and Monet.


 Image: Watanabe Nobukazu, Beautiful women viewing illustrated books and printed scrolls. RM and CH Berndt Collection.









(temae miso)


This monthfs phrase, temae miso is a yojijukugo (four character phrase), which translates as ehomemade soybean paste.f It is often used to mean eself-praise is no recommendationf referring to self-flattery.  It is comparable to the English phrases eto sing onefs own praisesf or eto toot your own horn.f







Listen to Konnichiwa, a Japanese and English radio program on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm on 107.3 FM.




Web Japan provides Japanophiles with a world of engrossing information on Japan in all fields, from traditional culture to the latest fashions. http://web-japan.org.


Fashion & Design: Bonsai (Apr 21)

Tech & Life: Natural Energy that Supports Convenience – Convenience Stores Open Every Day of the Year (Apr 14)

Pop Culture: Increasing Services – Japanese Vending Machines (Apr 7)

Tech & Life: Excellence in Usability – Stationery made in Japan (Apr 7)


Also available on Web Japan is a downloadable version of the popular niponica magazine about Japanese culture. Current issue: niponica No. 12 - Another Side of Japan: Snacks and Sweets.










WA (kaiWA) is a casual get-together of Japanese and Australians held every second Thursday. Hosted and organised by the JET Programme Alumni Association of WA (JETAA WA), kaiWA is a great chance to practice your Japanese, make Japanese friends and learn more about teaching English in Japan on the JET Programme.


kaiWA is held at 43 Below on the corner of Hay Street and Barrack Street in Perth. It starts at 5:30pm and runs until about 8:30-9pm, so donft worry if you canft be there at the starting time.


For more information on the JET Programme Alumni Association of WA, please check their website above and for more information on the JET Programme please check the following site.






Chatterbox is another casual get-together of Australians and Japanese, held on Saturday afternoons at the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre from 2-4pm. For more details please call the Centre on 9385 9002 or visit their website.




AJS Tomodachi Lunch


On the first Thursday of every month, the Australia-Japan Society of WA holds a Tomodachi Lunch. The lunch is held at 12:00pm at Jun Restaurant, 568 Hay Street, Perth. See here for more details.




Bonsai Society of WA and Bonsai Workshop Inc.


Meetings of the Bonsai Society of WA are held on the last Monday of each month and include demonstrations, lectures, films, advice and a display of membersf tree. The Bonsai Society also holds regular workshops and other events. For more information please click the above link.


Meetings of the Bonsai Workshop Inc. are held on the last Saturday of each month. Members can bring their trees to work on, receive advice and watch others at work. For more information please click on the above link.



Bonsai Society of WA display at the official residence of the Consul-General









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