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Consul-General Koichi Funayama and Mrs Miho Funayama together with the staff of the Consulate-General of Japan in Perth wish each of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your generous support throughout 2013.


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Please note that our office will be closed on the following business days: December 25, 26, 30, 31 and January 1-3.










This month we are pleased to share a guest report from Ms. Conor Hyde who recently went to Japan on the JENESYS2.0 Pop Culture Program.


Hello there!

My namefs Conor and recently I visited Japan for a once in a lifetime experience! As part of a student exchange program, I was taken to visit many awesome places in Japan, mainly around Tokyo and Kyoto, and I got to do many fun things, like ride the Shinkansen and visit the Manga Library. Ifd just like to tell you about some of these things and show you some photos.


So I was a member of the Jenesys 2.0 program, which invited 230 participants from 14 countries (ASEAN member states, Australia, New Zealand, India and Timor-Leste) over to Japan for a 9 day stay, during which we were broken up into 9 manageable groups with dedicated itinerary. Basically, myself and twenty other foreign students who were interested in the Anime subculture of Japan were grouped together.



1291       1295
My Tachikoma figure kept me company for the duration of the trip and I ate so much in Japan!


Japan was absolutely lovely.  A little bit more humid then Ifve known having never left Australia, but I fell in love with all the greenery, all the scenery, all the small roads and back alleys, all the tiny houses and cars. Having watched a lot of anime in my 19 years, there was a mix of nostalgia, as I saw Japan how I always knew it would look, and excitement, to finally see Japan as clearly as Ifd known it. We stayed at some lovely hotels and were fed a mix of food recognized by my western palate, but also enjoyed by my more foreign associates, and gradually we ate more Japanese dishes, like Sashimi – if we wanted to try it!



1415      1334



We did many fun things, too. A group of us caught the train and went to see the Tokyo Tower, which was very tall! There were so many places to shop and buy souvenirs, I spent so much money! But we went to other interesting places like the Doraemon museum, and the Kyoto Manga Library, which were super cool. We also visited 2 different universities while we were there, one specializing in voice acting (seiyuu) and dancing – we had a performance by a group of girls that want to be idols one day! The other university was for Art, even especially for mangaka art, and it was very nice to interact with both classes of students, look around the school, and be shown some of the work they do.



1330     1450

Tokyo Tower and one of my favorite places, Akihabara – It had so many anime figures for sale! It was so cool. I would love to go back there some dayc


We rode the Shinkansen Bullet Train to Kyoto to stay there for a few days. It goes really fast, and I very much enjoyed the scenery as we travelled. We also visited Toei Kyoto Samurai park and watched the samurai/ninja show, and many, many shrines. As part of the Program, me and another young woman called Maly stayed with a host family while were in Japan!  They were so very nice and showed us many things! There was a six year old girl in their family named Yuu-chan that I thought was very kawaii~ It was very fun. I will continue to email Aoi-chan, the other young woman in the photo below. She is very sweet.



1474       1658



I enjoyed Japan SO much, and would like to say a special thanks to the JICE group, the people that guided us in Japan, the people we met in Japan, and the consulate here in Perth that helped me apply for this great opportunity! I look forward to going to back to Japan as soon as I can, hopefully sometime next year. Itfll be much more interesting to roam free this time.


Thanks so much for reading!


Regards, Conor Hyde.










Last month the Japanese icebreaker, Shirase, arrived in Fremantle bound for its annual Japanese Antarctic expedition. An onboard reception was held and enjoyed by all.



Sake barrel opening ceremony




World of Food Festival


Organised by the Consular Corps, the World of Food Festival was held on November 17 as part of the 150th anniversary of Government House. The event attracted many people and several consulates participated. The Consulate-General of Japan was happy to be involved and share Japanese cuisine with the Perth community. Our stall offered some delicious makizushi (rolled sushi) and yakisoba (stir-fried noodles). We would like to express our gratitude to the Hyogo Cultural Centre, JETAAWA, The Japanese School for their cooperation with this event and give special thanks to Mr and Mrs Nomura for their generous assistance with the preparation of our delicious food.



Consul-General Koichi Funayama and Mrs Miho Funayama with His Excellency Mr Malcolm McCusker AC CVO QC and Mrs Tonya McCusker




The Emperorfs Birthday Reception


A reception was held on December 5 to celebrate the 80th birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. Speeches were given by Consul-General Funayama, the Premierfs Representative, the Honourable Dr Mike Nahan MLA, and the Opposition Leaderfs Representative, Mr Roger Cook MLA. Toasts were made to both Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II and His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. Emperor Akihito is the 125th Emperor of Japan and is the Emperor of the Heisei Period, which began in 1989.



Consul-General Funayama







Japan Festival 2014



Mark your calendars! The Japan Festival will be held on February 22 at Forrest Place from 2-7pm. Entry to the festival is free but you can get 'Free General Admission Tickets' or 'Supporter Tickets' online to show your support and buy 'Raffle-Plus Tickets' to be in the draw to win some great prizes. Sponsors of the raffle include NOBU, ANIPLEX, Japan Airlines, Static Fluff Anime, Tokyo Underground and Yobe Cosplay. Click here for more ticket information.


If you are a business owner interested in contributing to the Japan Festival Raffle by giving a voucher, please contact the Japan Festival Committee at






Ukiyo-E – Japanese Prints of the Floating World


From February 8 – June 28 next year, Ronald and Catherine Berndtfs ukiyo-e collection will be displayed at UWAfs Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. Ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints emerged in the Edo period and developed into a popular, distinctive art form. They typically depicted everyday life in Kyoto and human subjects such as beautiful women and kabuki actors, later including landscape. The art form flourished in Japan and went on to inspire European impressionists including Van Gogh and Monet.


 Image: Watanabe Nobukazu, Beautiful women viewing illustrated books and printed scrolls. RM and CH Berndt Collection.





Attention Animators!


The 15th International Animation Festival in Japan, Hiroshima 2014, will be held from August 21-25 next year. The call for entries to the Hiroshima 2014 competition has recently been announced. Short animated films up to 30 minutes long can be submitted from February 1 – April 1, 2014. There are four main prizes ranging from 300,000 - 1,000,000 yen. Last year the competition attracted over 2000 entries from 63 countries.


Entry fee: Free

Entries open: February 1, 2014
Deadline: April 1, 2014

Results expected: August 2014


You can find the competition regulations and entry form here.








(hippari dako)


This monthfs phrase is hippari dako, which means espread-eagled octopus.f The expression refers to a person in high demand, often pulled in all directions. It can be a way of calling someone Mr/ Ms Popular.








Listen Japan Now


Catch the Konnichiwa Japanese and English radio program on Thursday evenings from 7-8pm on 107.3 FM.




Web Japan


Web Japan provides Japanophiles with a world of engrossing information on Japan in all fields, from traditional culture to the latest fashions.


Fashion & Design – Decoration (Dec 9)

Tech & Life – Household Beauty Appliances (Dec 9)

Whatfs Cool – Grow to Love Maths with the Abacus (Dec 2)

Tech & Life – Grow algae & change the world (Dec 2)

Street Style – Vol. 4 Autumn 2013 (Nov 18)

Pop Culture – Michi-no-Eki (Nov 18)


Also available on Web Japan is a downloadable version of the popular niponica magazine about Japanese culture. Current issue: niponica No. 10: Quality with a Japanese Flair.










WA (kaiWA) is a casual get-together of Japanese and Australians held every second Thursday. Hosted and organised by the JET Programme Alumni Association of WA (JETAA WA), kaiWA is a great chance to practice your Japanese, make Japanese friends and learn more about teaching English in Japan on the JET Programme.


kaiWA is held at 43 Below on the corner of Hay Street and Barrack Street in Perth. It starts at 5:30pm and runs until about 8:30-9pm, so donft worry if you canft be there at the starting time.


For more information on the JET Programme Alumni Association of WA, please check their website above and for more information on the JET Programme please check the following site.






Chatterbox is another casual get-together of Australians and Japanese, held on Saturday afternoons at the Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre from 2-4pm. For more details please call the Centre on 9385 9002 or visit their website.




AJS Tomodachi Lunch


On the first Thursday of every month, the Australia-Japan Society of WA holds a Tomodachi Lunch. The lunch is held at 12:00pm at Jun Restaurant, 568 Hay Street, Perth. See here for more details.




Bonsai Society of WA and Bonsai Workshop Inc.


Meetings of the Bonsai Society of WA are held on the last Monday of each month and include demonstrations, lectures, films, advice and a display of membersf tree. The Bonsai Society also holds regular workshops and other events. For more information please click the above link.


Meetings of the Bonsai Workshop Inc. are held on the last Saturday of each month. Members can bring their trees to work on, receive advice and watch others at work. For more information please click on the above link.



Bonsai Society of WA display at the official residence of the Consul-General






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