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October 2011 Edition

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October – the ggodless monthh

Learning the names of months in Japanese is a straight-forward exercise as the modern names are simply numbers followed by the suffix for month (gatsu) – so January is ichigatsu or gthe first monthh, February is nigatsu or gthe second monthh, and so on. The months also have traditional names which these days are not used as often but can be seen on traditional calendars or when used to evoke a sense of the season, such as in poetry, a letter or an advertisement for example.


The traditional name for October is Kannazuki and the three kanji characters used mean god, to not exist, and month, so together mean gthe month when there are no gods.h


One theory on the name relates to Izumo Taisha or Izumo Grand Shrine, one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrines in Japan, located in Shimane Prefecture. In Shinto tradition it is said that some eight million gods from across Japan leave their shrines and gather at Izumo Taisha at this time of year to discuss the coming yearfs marriages, deaths and births, leaving the rest of the country without gods, hence gthe month without godsh. Conversely the month is known as Kamiarizuki or gthe month when the gods are presenth in the areas surrounding Izumo Taisha, and a festival is held to welcome them.



Japanese Film Festival 2011

The Japan Foundation, the State Library of Western Australia and the Consulate-General of Japan in Perth are pleased to bring you the Japanese Film Festival in 2011. The line-up this year includes animations, dramas, sci-fi and a documentary, with storylines involving love in feudal Japan, futuristic space struggles, and a documentary on the recovery efforts by a rural village following a devastating earthquake in 2004. Also among the films is the Studio Ghibli produced Arrietty, which won the Animation of the Year Award at the 34th Japan Academy Prize Ceremony held earlier this year. All the films shown at the festival are in Japanese with English subtitles.


Venue: State Library Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge (entry via Francis Street)
Dates: September 29, 30; October 3,4,5,6,7
Screening Time: 7:00pm (doors open 30 minutes prior to screening)
Admission: Free admission by ticket only (limit of 1 ticket per person per film which will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis prior to each screening at the entrance to the theatre from 6:30pm)


Film Details:
Thursday, September 29
Arrietty (94 min, 2010, Animation, Rated G)


Friday 30 September
Yamakoshi: the Recovery of a Tiny Japanese Village (120 min, 2009, Documentary, Rated PG)


Monday 3 October
Ballad (132 min, 2009, Period Drama, Rated M)


Tuesday 4 October
Osaka Hamlet (107 min, 2008, Family Drama, Rated PG)


Wednesday 5 October
Railways (130 min, 2010, Drama, Rated UC)


Thursday 6 October
Galaxy Express 999 (129 min, 1979, Animation, Rated UC)


Friday 7 October
Space Battleship Yamato (138 min, 2010, Sci-Fi, Rated UC)


Please note: No person under the age of 15 shall be admitted to movies which are unclassified (UC) unless in the company of a parent or adult guardian.


Please contact the Information and Culture Section at the Consulate-General if you have any questions or queries, on 9480 1800 or by email to info@pt.mofa.go.jp


A scene from Ballad       © 2009 gBalladh Production Committee

A scene from Galaxy Express 999      © 1979 Toei Animation


2012 JET Programme

The application process for the 2012 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme has opened. The Programme seeks to enhance internationalisation in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between the people of Japan and those of other nations. The Programme aims to enhance foreign language education, and promote international exchange at the local level through the fostering of ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth alike. The objectives of the Programme are achieved by offering participants the opportunity to serve in local authorities as well as public and private primary, junior high and senior high schools. 


Application packages can be downloaded from the Embassy of Japan in Canberra website and will also become available at the Consulate-General of Japan in Perth. Successful applicants for the 2012 Programme will depart for Japan in both April and July 2012.


For more information please view the Embassy of Japan in Australia website. http://www.au.emb-japan.go.jp/e-web/education_jet.html


14th Nihongo Summit gPeace – Kizuna for One Worldh

Organised and sponsored by non-profit organisation The Japan Return Program, the Nihongo Summit invites young students of the Japanese language to Japan for just over a month to participate in panel discussions, do a homestay and take part in other cultural experiences. The theme for the 14th Nihongo Summit is gPeace – Kizuna for One Worldh. Essays in Japanese are due by Monday, October 31, and more details can be found at the following link. http://www.nihongo.or.jp/pdf/call_for_english.pdf


JLPP International Translation Competition

The Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP) has launched its inaugural International Translation Competition with a view to discovering translators who can help spread modern Japanese literature throughout the world. Applicants are to translate two works – one novel and one critique/essay. The application period runs from September 1 to November 30, and more details can be found at the following link. http://www.jlpp.go.jp/en/competition/index.html


Consulate-General News

Shinju Matsuri – Broomefs gFestival of the Pearlh 2011

Consul-General Tatsuo Ishikawa and Consul Sachiyo Matsuyama attended the opening ceremony of the 2011 Shinju Matsuri on September 10. Shinju Matsuri is Japanese for gfestival of the pearlh - many Japanese divers migrated to Broome from the second half of the 19th century to early 20th century, along with peoples of other nations, and over the years the town became famous for its pearls. In commemoration the town has held the Shinju Matsuri every September since 1970, making this yearfs festival the 41st. As many of the divers were from Taiji Town in Wakayama Prefecture, the Shire of Broome and Taiji Town established a sister city relationship in 1981 and it is now in its 30th year.


Consul-General Tatsuo Ishikawa is welcomed by Shinju Matsuri President Jillian Philp

at the opening ceremony of Shinju Matsuri


       Watch Japan Now

Shedding light on interesting people, figures and trends, "Watch Japan Now" brings you compact and accessible updates.


gEarthquake Volunteer Japanh Sends Out International Business Leaders to Ishinomaki (Sep 26, 2011)  


Six Months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake (September 13, 2011)  


Wood Biomass Power Generation: Turning Quake Rubble into Electricity (September 1, 2011)  


Send out Memories of A-Bomb Suffering to the World via Web Communities (August 25, 2011)  


Front-line Cool Biz: Fashion contributing to Ecology and Power-saving (August 17, 2011)  



Web Japan

Web Japan provides Japanophiles with a world of engrossing information on Japan in all fields, from traditional culture to the latest fashions. http://web-japan.org/

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