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November 2010 Edition

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Autumn for sports

With the oppressiveness of the summer over, Autumn is the principal time for outdoor sports in Japan. Like Australia, Japan is a sports-loving nation. From Baseball to Soccer, if it exists, Japan has a team for it. This month, were talking about rugby.

Before the introduction of modern rugby, the Japanese enjoyed a sport known as Kemari. Kemari  was introduced from China in the first millennium and was one of the first sports to become highly developed in Japan. Its something like a cross between Soccer, Rugby and Hacky-sack with the objective being keeping the ball off the ground as long as possible. Today, it is still played at Shinto Shrines during festivals.

After the opening up of Japan to foreigners in the 1800s, the British brought rugby to Japan with the first official match being played by British sailors in Yokohama in 1874. In 1899, it was introduced as a University sport at Keio University with other Universities around Japan quickly following suite. The Universities of Keio and Wasada have had an annual friendly game every year since 1924.

Within 20 years, the number of Japanese rugby players exploded out to over 60,000 in over 1,500 clubs, with Prince Chichibu becoming the President of the JRFU in 1928.

Now, there are more that 125,000 players spread over 3,500 teams, making it the fourth largest population of rugby players in the world. The Japanese national team, the Sakuras, are currently ranked 13th in the world, with winger , Daiskue Ohata, ranked as the leading test try scorer of all time. In 2019, Japan will host the IRU world cup for the first time.


                                                                               Mari (ball)

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Internationalization of Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport, which has long served as hub airport for domestic flights, expands its role as the gateway to Japan this autumn. Just 13 minutes from central Tokyo, Haneda Airport now has a new runway that accommodates more flights around the clock. From the 31st of October, It will start service for scheduled international flights, linking the international city of Tokyo to the world easier than ever. A new international terminal will also be opening, which will not only increase passenger convenience but also offer Japanese food and unique shopping experiences.

The most outstanding feature of the expanded Hanedas new international passenger terminal is the great access to central Tokyojust 13 minutes away by train and two minutes away from the domestic terminals, meaning travel within Japan after arriving in Tokyo is faster and easier than ever.

More information on this exciting new development can be found in the links below.

Visit Japan Year 2010: http://www.vjy2010.jp/eng/popular/haneda/index.html

Haneda Airport Expands and Internationalizes; Plans Regular Flights to 17 Cities Around the World by Foreign Press Centre Japan

Airport in Japan

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Upcoming Events

Japanese Ice Breaker "Shirase" Visits Fremantle

The Japanese ship Shirase will make a port call at Fremantle in the last week of November this year. Shirase, which is based in Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan,  is an icebreaker which is operated by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF).

The original Shirase was constructed in 1981, operated for 25 years as an Antarctic research ship and was recently decommissioned in July 2008. It was named after Mr Nobu Shirase (1861-1946), a Japanese army officer who was responsible for the first Japanese expedition to Antarctica between 1910-1912. 

This is the second time that the current Shirase has visited the Port of Frementle. During its berthing, it will be picking up Japanss 52nd Antarctic Research Expedition team, who will spend the summer working with other international researchers on the Antarctic mainland. The current Shirase is slightly larger than its predecessor, has state-of-the-art ice-breaking capabilities and is Japan's fourth icebreaker.  

Icebreaker "Shirase" near Showa base

©Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force



2011 External Scholarships for Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Graduate Schools

Full scholarships are being offered by external organizations for academically exceptional overseas individuals to study at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Beppu, Japan from September 2011. 

The government organization offering these scholarships is Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) - details as follows:

·         MEXT International Priority Graduate Programs (apply by November 30th 2010)

These scholarships provide necessary airfare, university fees and living expenses to individuals who have an outstanding academic record and exceptional English ability.

Applications should be posted directly to APU in Japan. For further information of these external scholarships and the relevant application forms, please access the following link:



The NEW Japanese-Language Proficiency Test in 2010

The annual worldwide Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has now been revised to incorporate many improvements including an increase in the number of examination levels, meaning examinees can choose a more appropriate level (levels 1- 5) to suit their individual competency in Japanese. 

The 2010 JLPT will be held in Perth as follows:

Date:   Sunday 5th December, 2010

Venue: Curtin University of Technology, Kent Street, Bentley WA 6102

Applications open: 2nd August, 2010

Contact details:

Ms Samantha Hornby

Ph: (08) 9266 7792

Fax: (08) 9266 3166


This examination, which evaluates and certifies Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers, is administered outside of Japan by The Japan Foundation. For further details of the examination, please see:

The official worldwide JLPT website:


The Japan Foundation, Sydney website:


And to sit the exam in Perth, visit the Curtin University website: 



2011 JET Programme Applications

The application process for the 2011 round of the JET Programme is open. Application packages is available here at our Consulate-General, or they can be downloaded from the Embassy of Japan in Canberra website, with the application period closing on 1st December 2010. Successful applicants for the 2011 Programme depart for Japan in both April and July 2011.

Further details of the Programme can be obtained from the Embassy of Japan in Australia (Canberra) website, below:



Consulate-General News 

The Japan Careers Seminar at the University of Western Australia

On Tuesday 26th October, the JET Alumni Association held its Careers Seminar. This was a fantastic opportunity for all interested parties to get an idea of just what career paths are open to the JET programme returnees and people who choose to study Japanese.

Speakers included; language teachers, employers and employees in the resources sector and members of the state government, who provided their own valuable insight into what will be a thriving jobs market in the near future.

Mr Anzai, Deputy of the Mission from the Consulate-General of Japan, giving a speech


Japanese Film Festival 2010

The Japan Film Festival that was organised by the Japan Foundation, the State Library of Western Australia, and the Consulate-General of Japan at Perth has wrapped for this year to great success. The people of Western Australia were treated to a wide and varied range of Japanese cinema.

The greatest aspect was the lecture series provided before each screening by noted film academic, Mr Kenta McGrath, who provided his own unique insight into the cinematic styles of Japan.


Mr Kenta McGrath, talking about Japanese films


JET Information Session at universities

Over the end of October and the beginning of November, a series of seminars at Curtin University, Murdoch University and  Edith Cowan University was held for people interested in applying for the JET Programme. This remarkable programme is open to a wide range of people and offers the truly unique experience of living in Japan.


Origami Demonstration by the Consulate-General of Japan at Perth at the Japanese School in Perth Festival 2010

On Sunday 7th November 2010, a festival celebrating Japanese culture was held at the Japanese School in Perth at City beach. The festival is sponsored by the Japanese School in Perth and is supported by the Japanese Association of WA, Japan Club, Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry In Perth (Inc), Australia-Japan Society (WA) Inc., Support Net Niji no Kai Inc., Hyogo Prefectural Government Cultural Centre, Weekend Japanese School and the Japan Australia News.     

The cultural day festivities were created for and by the students as an opportunity for the people of WA, and for Japanese people who live in Perth, to experience some of the unique aspects of Japanese culture and traditions not usually able to be seen outside of Japan. The students and their families work tirelessly to create an exceptional day for all involved.

The Consulate-General of Japan at Perth had a stall to introduce one of Japans beautiful cultural artefacts; origami, which is loved by all generations in Japan. At the request of the Consulate-General, Ms Clare Chamberlain-Ohtsuka who is a founder of the Perth Origami Club, gave interactive origami demonstrations to visitors to the festival.

Ms Clare Chamberlain-Ohtsuka showing how to fold origami paper at the Japanese School in Perth Festival 2010


Japan Brief 

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Nagoya Protocol for Biodiversity Protection Adopted  

Leaders of Japan and India Officially Agree on EPA  


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