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April 2009 Edition

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Hanami (flower viewing)

The cherry blossom season in Japan lasts from late March until early April when Japanese people and visitors to Japan enjoy going out to see the cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japanese.   


There are sites all over Japan which are famous for their beautiful cherry blossoms, which come in shades of white and pink. This national flower of Japan blooms at different times in spring depending on their location and type, with those in southern Japan blooming first and those in northern Japan being last to bloom. The daily cherry blossom forecast which is part of the television weather broadcast, helps to pinpoint the best time to view this flower which is only in bloom for a very short time span.  


Interestingly, it was the flower's short lifespan which most attracted the samurai of feudal Japan to this flower, as they could see a close similarity between the short life of the flower and their own obligation to die for their lord at a moment's notice. 


Therefore, since ancient times, the extraordinary beauty,  fragility and short life of the cherry blossom have been celebrated by the Japanese through hanami


Consulate-General News

JETAA Quiz Night

A quiz night, organised by the JET Alumni Association & the UWA JAPSSOC, and sponsored by the Consulate-General of Japan, was held at the UWA Tavern on 19th March 2009. About 100 people gathered for a fun night out, which involved spot prizes, games, sushi, pizza and of course, the quiz itself! The quiz consisted of questions relating to Japan, Australia and general knowledge questions. A highlight of the night was a game whereby each table had to mould (out of play-dough) something representing Australia-Japan relations. The winning masterpiece was a kangaroo wearing a kimono, made by the table from the Murdoch Japanese Society. Other creations included a koala bear climbing Tokyo Tower!! The Murdoch table were also the overall winners of the quiz night, taking home an assortment of prizes.

A kangaroo wearing a kimono, the winning table's creation


26th Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest 2008 - Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Consul-General Sato, prize-winning students and judges
On Friday 20th March, the awards ceremony for the 2008 Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest was held in the Multi-Purpose Hall of the Consulate-General of Japan. The four secondary school students from Western Australia who achieved high commendation for their superb essays were presented with certificates from Consul-General Sato, before reading their essays aloud to their parents, teachers, judges and representatives of the Department of Education and Training. The students, who wrote about topics such as climate change, sister cities and school club activities, were Clancy Dawson of Hale School (in the Junior A Division), Jonica Ieraci of Harvey Senior High School and Brandon Zubek of Guildford Grammar School (in the Junior B Division), and Danielle Page of Iona Presentation College (in the Senior Division). Through their participation in this essay contest, these students have deepened their understanding of both Japan and of Australia-Japan relations. 



Ms Mari Sakata's Piano Concert


Ms Mari Sakata's piano concert, entitled Dreams & Fairy Tales, was held at the Callaway Auditorium at the University of Western Australia on 26th March at 7:30pm. A large crowd turned out to enjoy a night of beautiful music by this exceptionally talented Japanese pianist. Ms Sakata performed a range of piano pieces by composers from Japan, Australia and Russia, giving the night a global flavour.
Ms Sakata in performance mode

Ms Sakata was presented a large bouquet after her performance




Ikebana Class

Ikebana classes, run by the Australia-Japan Society (AJS), commenced on Wednesday 18th March from 10:30am - 2:00pm in the Multi-Purpose Hall at the Consulate-General of Japan at Perth. The classes are held every Wednesday over 15 weeks, with the final class being held on 15th July 2009.

For further information please contact Emmanuel, Australia-Japan Society of WA, on 9384 8048.





Upcoming Events

The Bugalugs Bum Thief

The opening performance of The Bugalugs Bum Thief, based on the book by Western Australian author Tim Winton, will take place at the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle on Saturday 4th April at 2pm. This production is directed by Ms Noriko Nishimoto and features cast members Michael Barlow, Paul Johnson and Katya Shevtsov. For further details, please call (08) 9335 5044.


Director Noriko Nishimoto with cast members

©Spare Parts Puppet Theatre


2nd Takamatsu International Piano Competition

This piano competition will be held in Takamatsu city in March 2010 and attracts young pianists from all over the world who strive to make a name for themselves in the music industry. This event takes place in Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku in southern Japan. Takamatsu overlooks the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and is joined to the mainland of Japan by the Great Seto Bridge.  The competition is open to applicants of any nationality who are under 40 years of age. The winner will have the chance to perform with well-known orchestras from Europe, America and Japan, and will receive the support they need to become internationally recognised in their profession. This competition is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

For further information, please see http://www.tipc.jp

Trends in Japan

Zero Calories but Full of Taste
Foods and drinks displaying the number "0" on their packaging have recently become very popular among the increasing number of health-conscious consumers in Japan. The "0" signifies that the product is either sugar-, calorie-, of fat-free, and sometimes free of all three. Alcoholic beverages, such as happoshu (beer-like low-malt drink), coffee, sports drinks and carbonated drinks low in calories and free of sweeteners have gained much popularity, as producers have aimed to make low-calorie foods/ drinks without cutting back on the all important taste factor. Ham, sausages and candy are also being sold under the zero food boom, which is sure to spread to other types of foods in the near future too.
Low calory, sugar-free happoshu         Sugar-free fruity throat lozenges
©Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd/©Trends in Japan website       ©Trends in Japan website 

For more information, please visit  http://web-japan.org/trends/08_lifestyle/lif090123.html


Japan Brief

NB - The opinions expressed in the articles featured in Japan Brief are not necessarily those of the Japanese Government.

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